Rolfing Movement

The muscle-bone concept presented in standard anatomical description gives a mechanical model of movement. it separates movement flow in discrete functions, failing to give a picture of the seamless integration seen in a living being. 

The enveloping tissue which can mediate and translate adapt-ability and respons-ability to the stimuli of the everchanging gravitational environment is the neuroconnective fascial tissue which shapes and reinforces stress and loads on what we usually name THE BODY.

By interacting with habits of perception, coordination 

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26 May 2020
Giovedi 28 Maggio alle ore 15:00 sarò in diretta live sul canale facebook dell'Associazione Italiana Rolfing in compagnia dell'amico e collega Andrea Brighi...
22 Apr 2020
Nella Fisica la tendenza di un sistema a decomporsi e scivolare nel caos è chiamata entropia., mentre la tendenza ad organizzarsi è detta sintropia. Che l´...
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12-14 Giugno: Gyrotonic instructors update course
Gyrotonic instructors update course. (with master Trainer HIdeto Heshiki and Rolf movement Instructor Nicola Carofiglio). Date:  12 (12.30 - 17.30)...

Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners.

W. Shakespeare - Othello