The body as a laboratory for transformation

When energy is supplied to a system, it influences its order. Rolfing reveals and helps to abandon old structured patterns and access the anomalies of the deep levels.

 In Physics the tendency of a system to decompose and slide into chaos is called entropy, while syntropy is the tendency to organize.

That physical intervention, through manual transmission, is capable of modifying the structure, can be explained by the principle, according to which, when energy is supplied to a system, it influences its order.

Dr Rolf was a scientist and wanted her work to have solid roots in the reality of physics, biology and chemistry. She was deeply interested in how a human body could interact with the Earth's gravitational field.

In recent years, thanks to the discovery of new scientific instruments, as well as to the new discoveries of quantum physics, it has been possible to see many of her intuitions in a new light.

She argued that the physical structure is deeply connected to human behavior: if it is demonstrable that the external world of the human being is a projection of the internal one, why isn´t it possible to postulate that some problems of our time can be solved by examining the physical being?

Rolfing reveals and helps to abandon  old structured patterns and  access the anomalies of the deep levels. The genius of the ten sessions lies in the fact that it takes you precisely from a hard and rigid state to a new order and shape, through the loosening and dissolution of the old.

Sometimes this dissolution can give rise to strange sensations, but with specific integration techniques, the customer is helped to manage the feelings of instability,  by educating him to tune in with the „new“ body and allow the immobilized energy to emerge and reorganize with the entire body -mind system

Our bodies are our gardens and our wills are our gardeners

W. Shakespeare - Othello