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Seminario Rolfing Movement In Giappone in collaborazione con Hiroyoshi Tahata. Una collaborazione di grande successo!

Dal 1 al 3 e dal 5 al 7 Settembre scorso presso la Japanese Rolfing® Association, ho avuto il piacere di condurre insieme a Hiroyoshi Tahata  due seminari su Rolfing Movement®: "Embody Orient Occident" e "Ultimately Rolfing is for the Rolfer" cit. Ida Rolf".  La  collaborazione  è stata accolta con fervore e ha ottenuto un grande successo. 

Di seguito la traduzione dell'articolo dedicato pubblicato sulla rivista online SOTOKOTO ONLINE (link) scitta da Hiroyoshi Tahata e cura di Nicola Carofiglio.


Rolfer Hiroyoshi Tahata contacted the editorial department for the first time in about a year.
The first collaboration with the Italian Rolfing instructor seems to have been great. We had you report the experience.

Inviting Nicola Carofiglio, Lecturer of “European Rolfing Association”.

At the end of last year, Mr. Masahiko Kushizaki (kushi), a Rolfer who completed training in Europe on 2017, said, “Nicola-san, a lecturer at the“ European Rolf Muvement fucalty ”hopes to teach classes in Japan. Would you like to teach with him ” I received a consultation email. Kushi, who loves surfing and has been pursuing excerent waves around the world, says he wants to combine with me. According to him, Nicola seems to been very interested in sympathizing with the technique using “MA” and “yield work” that I reported in the Rolf Institute magazine.

In recent years, Rolf Movement ™ has been further developed by the introduction of a unique theory using perception by European instructor Hubert Godard. How is my work reflected in the eyes of Nikola who draws this trend? Co-starring with someone I have never met is quite challenging, but I decided to trust Kushi's intuition here.

A major theme throughout the six-day class was how to create a safe and secure "place" that is the most fundamental in the treatment and session. And the keyword is Em-bodyment. In the morning, it begins with movement meditation under the guidance of Nicola. I feel that I am in this space now by touching the pillars and tatami mats of the hall with our hand. Gradually feel the friendliness of the venue, the way of thinking will change to a safe space.

Nicola speaks English, German and French in addition to his native Italian, and is well versed in Latin. It tries to convey the meaning of each word from the origin of the word and the sound of the sound. There was a “tranquility or silence” in the sound of his voice, the way between words, the exquisiteness of each movement, and all of them. Occasional dynamic movements do not disturb the flow or field. It must be related to his experience as a dancer.

The first class takes the other party's demo like a freestyle lap and decides what to do next. Most of them were work that I had never tried. At the end of the third day, tears spilled from Nicola-san's eyes.

Demonstration of work on arm by Nicola. Insert new movements into the radius and ulna. (photo's introduction)

The latter half of the class was a quest to embody the word “gravity is a therapist” left by Dr. Rolf, and applied the contents of the first half to practice on the massage table. From Nicola demonstration Nicola said “silence” as a sound of gravity, I deepened the mutual subjective “MA” to be cozy, student exchange sessions, experience sharing, my demo The cycle continues to turn. The teaching side had a sense of tension as well as a live feeling as well as an experiment. Inspired by the demo, practice with reference to it. By sharing the experience as a whole, the understanding deepens three-dimensionally, and beyond the understanding of the head, it is embodyed by the whole body. Each time the work is repeated, the individual tranquility deepens, and it has become a deep experience that increases not only the gravity but also the affinity with the space.

The author who demonstrates. It is drawing out the movement and sensation left to the whole before working on the rib cage and throat.

At the end of this class, Costas who participated from Greece gave us feedback, quoting Aristotle's words as we instructed our teachers. "One of the ideals considered to be of the highest value in ancient Greece was a friendly, shared friendship that shared the same values. I was able to see it as a two-way interaction. I want you to continue. "

After completing this class, Kushi (center), who met the required 30-day credit, was certified as a Rolf Movement ™ Practitioner. I want to expect future success.

The contents handled in this class must have been helpful for the pre-technical practitioner's approach and consciousness, and for practitioners aiming for creative sessions. Ms. Masahiko Kushizaki, the coordinator of the course, Tomomi Furukawa, the interpreter, and the participants who agreed there are only words of appreciation. Even after a few months have passed since the class, there is still a remnant. The vibrations that resonated together throughout the class seem to continue to resonate around the body, so that the sound waves can be attenuated but not disappear.

The article is adapted from the contents of the magazine Sotokoto January 2020 for this website. The contents are information at the time of publication, and may differ from the situation as of today. Please give me.

Text by Hiroyoshi Tahata

* Rolfing®, Rolfer ™ and Rolf Movement ™ are It is a trademark of Ida Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and is registered in other countries including Japan besides the United States. You can search for Rolfers and Rolf Movement Practitioners working in Japan from the official website of the Japan Rolfing Association (

Nicola Carofiglio
Studied dance in Italy and Germany and worked as a dancer and choreographer for over 20 years. Deepen the understanding of the body through shiatsu and begin to explore the mind and body. Then learn Rolfing®, Gyrotonic ExpansionSystem®. Based in Italy, he is currently a RolfMovement® instructor at the European Rolfing Association (ERA). He assists with many Rolfing trainings and is very popular with other teachers and students.

Hiroyoshi Tahata
After working as a researcher at Hayashibara Biochemical Research Institute, he was certified as a lolfer in 1998 by the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Designed Rolfing® as a delicate intervention with dynamic sensation and focused on providing individual sessions In 2009, he was appointed as a RolfMovement® instructor at the Rolf Institute. (Hara), providing a Rolf Movement certification program in Japan.

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