Il Gyrotonic Expansion System® è stato ideato e ispirato sui principi chiave dello yoga, della danza e delle arti marziali da Julio Horvath, danzatore e ginnasta. Gli esercizi sono basati sul principio del Movimento Intelligente: con il minimo sforzo produrre il massimo della vitalitá nell'  organismo.

News ed Approfondimenti

10 Oct 2020
The idea of re-turn in my  work, is based on the cyclic courses in nature. The alternation of ex-pression and im-pression, re-leasing in order to get,...
21 Sep 2020
A body that animates  intuitions, ideas, deductions and theoretical conceptions and shapes a person, structures its personality. Let us challenge our mind...
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Spectrum Rolfing® Movement 2020
The 4 day course about Rolfing® Movement - European Rolfing Association
The 4 day course, led by experienced Certified Rolfing® Instructor, provides the dynamic framework to enhance self-awareness and exploration with oneself and...

Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners.

W. Shakespeare - Othello