Spectrum Rolfing® Movement 2020

The 4 day course about Rolfing® Movement - European Rolfing Association

The 4 day course, led by experienced Certified Rolfing® Instructor, provides the dynamic framework to enhance self-awareness and exploration with oneself and with other participants.

Price 500 Euro
Location: Schule für Taijiquan und Chigong



Spectrum Rolfing® offers:

your essential preparation for entering and exploring the world of bodywork from a Rolfing® perspective: a journey into the field of fascia, anatomy, human movement, touch and gravity. It is also a valuable practise seminar for any bodyworker wishing to refresh and deepen their basic knowledge in the field of structure, movement and touch.

News ed Approfondimenti

28 Feb 2020
Dr. Moses Bernard discusses the concept of “bio-tensegrity”, and how the principles apply to the anatomy of the spine. Source: Vimeo Channel: Moses...
28 Jan 2020
Posture reflects the way we live and inhabit our body. It is related to emotional growth and learning processes we absorb from the environment. It...
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Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners.

W. Shakespeare - Othello