Rolfing® e Arti Marziali

Una intervista fatta per L'associazione Rolfing® francese sul contributo che il Rolfing® può dare alle arti marziali e a tutte le discipline sportive.
An interview for the french Rolfing Association on the possibility of supporting the performance in Martial arts and sport with the Rolfing method.


News and insights

10 Oct 2020
The idea of re-turn in my  work, is based on the cyclic courses in nature. The alternation of ex-pression and im-pression, re-leasing in order to get,...
21 Sep 2020
A body that animates  intuitions, ideas, deductions and theoretical conceptions and shapes a person, structures its personality. Let us challenge our mind...

Our bodies are our gardens and our wills are our gardeners

W. Shakespeare - Othello