Gyrotonic instructors update course

12-14 Giugno: Gyrotonic instructors update course

Gyrotonic instructors update course. (with master Trainer HIdeto Heshiki and Rolf movement Instructor Nicola Carofiglio).
Date:  12 (12.30 - 17.30) 13 (9.00 -16.00) and 14 June (10.00 - 16.00).
Location:  "Good Training  - Selnaustr 2, 8001 zurich (Switzerland)



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11 Jul 2020
  Proprioception, also known as kinesthesia, is the process through which sensory input provides feedback about either ease or strenuous movement,...
01 Jun 2020
Sufferance is to withdraw. Pleasure is resilience to stimulus; pain is resistance to stimulus...
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