Seminari Rolfing Movement in Giappone

dal 1 al 3 e dal 5 al 7 Settembre due seminari sul Rolfing Movement® insieme a Hiroyoshi Tahata presso la Japanese Rolfing Association

Sono lieto di comunicarvi che dal 1 al 3 e dal 5 al 7 Settembre  presso la Japanese Rolfing Association, sarò insieme a Hiroyoshi Tahata per condurre due seminario su Rolfing Movement®: "Embody Orient Occident" e "Ultimately Rolfing is for the Rolfer" cit. Ida Rolf"

The body is the medium in which we connect ourselves to the outside world. We are always aware of sensory information and their interpretation leads to ordinary behavior. To that end, the ability to secure space is also an important factor in the movement based on one's own knowledge.

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News and insights

10 Oct 2020
The idea of re-turn in my  work, is based on the cyclic courses in nature. The alternation of ex-pression and im-pression, re-leasing in order to get,...
21 Sep 2020
A body that animates  intuitions, ideas, deductions and theoretical conceptions and shapes a person, structures its personality. Let us challenge our mind...

Our bodies are our gardens and our wills are our gardeners

W. Shakespeare - Othello