Posture: some reflections

Posture reflects the way we live and inhabit our body. It is related to emotional growth and learning processes we absorb from the environment....

Posture reflects the way we live and inhabit our body.

It is related to emotional growth and learning processes we absorb from the environment.

It cannot be acquired by simple physical exercise or by repeating the desired act or attitude. 

Learning is not a purely mental occupation, as many believe, just as acquiring a physical ability is not just a bodily process.

Essentially it consists in recognizing in the global situation of a surrounding environment, with mind and body, a relationship, which initially manifests itself with a sensation, and then over time becomes so distinct that we are able to describe it verbally and acting.

The first learning process starts in the exploration of the pre- natal context of the womb and of all the possibilities to interact with it for one's own growth. Among the enormous number of information that will be "contracted" (in the term contracting I see and hear similarities with contact, contracting, treating) with the maternal environment, we soon learn to recognize my personal certain safe, comfortable and stable positions.

When one persists in positions and attitudes over time, they become  distinct placements  ( ethimology from place + mind) from where  one habitually interactswith the space around . In this way we learn to walk, speak, breath, draw, slice a piece of bread …….

To improve posture, the Rolfer recreates and facilitates the process of learning new options with touch and listening, guiding it to a more sustainable and harmonious level of perception of self in gravity.

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Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners.

W. Shakespeare - Othello