Rolfing is educating himself in interviewing his own body

The lack of information about the human body during the school years is surprising, considering the fact that it is "our home" whole life long...

The lack of information about the human body during the school years is surprising, considering the fact that it is "our home" whole life long...

Most of our daily life is involved in the external perception of the outside world, through the sense organs responsible for the functions of sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell.

As children we are necessarily engaged in the multiple relationships with the external environment, because our autonomy and identity depend on them. The act of erecting  without help and locomotion are fundamental achievements in establishing our presence in an ever-changing world.

To these initial phase follows the adaptation and training through social conventions, aesthetic standards, sports, work tasks.

The organism that in the first year of growth interacted freely with its environment, is objectified and reduced to a body to be manipulated and drill with predetermined schemes, in order to achieve coordination, efficiency, aesthetic pleasantness, competitiveness.

Everything that happens within the organs and in the emotional centers of the body is often repressed or forced to fit the “ right “ posture, the UP-RIGHT posture

The result leads to a split between impulses, internal movements and the manifestations visible on the outside, which ends in chronic tensions and restrictions of joint and visceral mobility.

By moving and differentiating th body in its elements, thanks the careful guidance of the hands and the sensitive presence of a Rolfer, the client learns to release the detained tensions, opening the mind to new potentials of movement and health.

Within the cerebral cortex, along with sensory and motor areas, there are associative areas that participate in intellectual and emotional processes such as memory, emotions, will, judgmental features, personality. In the instants between sensory stimulation and body reaction, the associative areas "shape" their own response in a different placement and orientation.

The acquired patterns, that consolidated and coordinated the physical structure,  dissolve,  giving rise to new appropriate and healthier ones. The UP- RIGHT posture  changes in APPROPRIATE posture.

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Our bodies are our gardens, to which our wills are gardeners.

W. Shakespeare - Othello